Business Situation

Cleo was the only division of Comark that did not have an eCommerce storefront. With the larger margins available through eCommerce, Comark wanted to open up this new revenue channel for the Cleo Division.

Technical Situation

Bootlegger and Ricki’s utilized an eCommerce framework provided by Elastic Path so leveraging Elastic Path for the Cleo eCommerce storefront was a given. The production environment utilized a shared F5 load balancer feeding into multiple Apache servers each mapped to its own Tomcat Server. The application used a MySQL database on its own server. A Search Server and Commerce Manager Server (Admin Interface) that were part of the Elastic Path installation were house together in another server.

Services Used


Front End Development

Application Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management


Cleo leveraged the Elastic Path framework as well as some of the templates from the Ricki’s eCommerce storefront. To provide its own identity and avoid looking like a re-skinned Ricki’s eCommerce storefront, Momentum worked with the Cleo team to define a distinct look and feel along with the unique “Looks We Love” feature.


The Cleo eCommerce storefront has added a profitable revenue channel for the Cleo division.

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