Business Situation

Chrysler Group, LLC needed a web advertising and marketing tool to support and increase number of sales. This tool had to let potential buyers view vehicle lineups, estimate pricing, search for dealers, contact dealers, book a test drive, browse inventory, etc.

Technical Situation

The Chrysler brand site used data stored and maintained by a third-party company. There were frequent issues with data consistency and data not being structured well. The third-party company did not fix issues quick enough, in some cases they said that there was no way to fix them which was understandable because they also handled the data of other automotive manufacturers and some updates requested by Chrysler could have impacted the other clients. Another problem was that data was supplied via http in xml format which works slow in some cases and pretty often you get much more data than you actually need which brings performance down.

Services Used

Digital Strategic Planning

Intranet & Portal Development

User Experience Planning

Momentum is the most tenured of Chrysler Canada’s current major agency partners and has been a trusted partner for over 13 years.


Momentum’s solution was to cache data which comes slow in bulky portions on the back end, restructure it accordingly when needed in order to use it effectively and fast in amounts. This fixed issues with data logic and performance. It also provided a way to create quick temporary workarounds to fix data issues. Data was cached in MS SQL db (freeware) and updated regularly on daily basis. Loading processes were created so that data could be reloaded in small portions if needed (by year, nameplate, etc.). Some numbers were pre-calculated and cached as well, while the data that was requested most frequently was cached in memory as model objects.


Chrysler now has a quicker, more flexible and lower-cost solution, plus enjoys much faster reaction on data issues. The third-party company was able to have the data structured in the way they needed it to be with no client complications arising.

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Momentum worked with the Cleo team to create an eCommerce storefront that had a distinct look and feel from the parent company’s other branded storefront.

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Slate Asset Management, one of Canada’s fastest-growing real estate asset management companies, found that its website was not keeping pace with its expanding needs and the sophistication of its global brand and reach.

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