Inspire innovation through Technology

We enhance our clients’ businesses by delivering insightful digital customer experiences through the strategic use of technology-driven programs. We work closely with our technology partners to purpose-build digital experience platforms that drive results and fuel growth.


Integrating digital experience software and platforms

Web content management (WCM), and transaction/commerce platforms are the backbone of digital customer experiences, and as such, digital experience delivery services revolve around implementation and integration of these solutions.

Beacon Technology - Service for an evolving, digital world


Beacon Technology offers a variety of capabilities for the evolving digital marketing world and Momentum can help develop the solution that’s right for you.


Beacon Capability Overview

 Mobile Device Connectivity

• Can detect beacons even when the app is not running and phone is locked
• Can send notifications to user on region entry and exit
• The mobile app can trigger other events, e.g. display message on external screen monitoring
• Beacons can detect the proximity or region of a device to beacon
• When a companion mobile app is running, the app can estimate distance to beacons
• Additional beacons can triangulate device position and in some cases even elevation

Depending on the beacon technology, additional features can be leveraged such as:

• Temperature
• Accelerometer sensors 
• Facilitating communication between secondary screens and mobile devices 
• Controlling other switches, motors, e.g. open a car trunk, turn on lights, etc
• Phone Data (user permission)